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Sabine Weber, MS, RDN, CDN, CFSP, IFNCP
~Nourishing the Mind, Body & Spirit by finding your 
Personal Path to Wellness One Step at a Time~

Digestion, Detoxification & the Gut- 3 Week Class

This class goes over the common myths and practices as they relate to detoxification, cleanses, and diets for digestion. Learn how to safely follow a detox diet and how this can benefit you and safely enhance your own bodies detoxification systems. This is a 3 week class designed to help you explore your own digestive and nutritional concerns. Participants will take part in learning how to improve their own digestion issues, identify how these practices can help improve health and chronic disease and take an active part in following a modified detoxification and elimination plan. The basis of the class covers how to improve digestion, support detoxification, decreasing the toxic environment, how it can support a healthy change in diet to improve health, and provide resources for your own detox kitchen. This class is appropriate for those who just want to learn but also for those with digestive problems who want to explore a new approach of self-discovery to health and healing.

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Look for dates starting January 2017!
 ~The Art of True Nourishment~

             This class is a fresh look at your own relationship 
             with food and how it translates to how you live your life.
~6 Week Program~
Participants will be introduced to:
• How mind-body techniques help decrease stress and anxiety to help normalize eating patterns and live more peacefully.
• How to change your relationship with food.
• The art of mindful living, self-compassion, breath-work, laughter, meditation, mind-body techniques, & positive emotions as tools to change how you live and how you eat.
• How to improve your nutrition, love food and balance your life in synergy with each other.

This class is not a diet but a guided journey of self-inquisition and self-discovery. It helps you find the tools to discover your own path as it relates to Nourishing Yourself.

It is appropriate for anyone who wants to learn lifelong tools to help live a happier, healthier, more peaceful life with an improved self-image and relationship with food

Date: Jan 24th through Feb 28th- 6 consecutive Tuesday's
Time: 6pm-7:30pm
Price: $150 
Location: ANC Office- Upstairs

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This class will begin with education on diet and disease and end with how to plan and prepare meals to incorporate the anti-Inflammatory diet into everyday living with sample tasty foods to incorporate into you life.
Uncover the truths or myths in relationship to inflammation and health. Learn about how sugar, refined carbohydrates, processed foods and other dietary factors are related to inflammation and influence health and disease and how an anti-inflammatory diet can improve many health conditions.  It is beneficial for people who have diabetes, metabolic syndrome, heart disease, osteoarthritis, a family history of cancer or who just want to improve health and feel better with a whole foods approach to eating. Participants will walk away with knowledge about anti-inflammatory foods, how to incorporate it into your daily diet and knowledge on how this will improve health for a number of health conditions.


Please call 518-523-0157 for more details. Classes will be limited in size and early registration suggested.

Inflammation! Your Guide to Controlling Chronic Disease 
~A Class Designed to show how a Whole Food Approach can improve Chronic Disease~

A Whole-Food Approach to Improving Your Health

This class is a Guided Journey to Clean up your Eating, Clean up your Environment and Live Healthier. It takes CHANGE one week at a time to help promote Life-Long Habits!

Participants will be introduced to:
How a Whole-Food Approach can help to control Disease.
New foods, new recipes, and group support during your weekly progress 
How to Detoxify your life and remove chemicals from your daily living 
How this approach supports our bodies natural systems and balance
How to improve your nutrition, love food and balance your life by incorporating these practices.

This class is appropriate for anyone who wants to eat cleaner and feel better! 

Date: New date and time coming soon!
Location: Adirondack Nutrition Consulting, Lake Placid